Datacolor Spyder5 STUDIO

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Datacolor Spyder5 STUDIO is a comprehensive toolkit enabling you to shoot, edit, and print with the utmost color accuracy. Includes SpyderCUBE, Spyder5ELITE and SpyderPRINT.

Spyder CUBE

SpyderCUBE is the portable solution for photographers to provide references to set white balance, exposure, and black level. It takes the complexity out of image editing by using common tools found in color managed applications. Simply take a reference shot with the SpyderCUBE under each unique lighting condition, adjust, save, and apply to the entire series of photos.

Spyder5 ELITE

Spyder5ELITE is the ultimate color accuracy solution. The software is designed for calibration perfectionists with wizard or expert mode, unlimited calibration settings, and advanced gray balancing. Room light monitoring determines optimal monitor brightness, ensuring your edited images match your prints. See a “Before and After” evaluation of your calibration results using your own images in full screen mode.

Spyder PRINT

This full-featured solution to print and measure color patches creates any number of custom RGB printer profiles to ICC standards for all printer, ink, and paper combinations for ultimate print matching control. The variety of color target choices can include extended grays that allow you to enhance the quality of tinted and black & white prints.

Download the user manual for the Spyder5 Elite.

Download the user manual for the Spyder Print.

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