Chimera 2188 Hensel Integra / Expert Rotating-Polycarbonate Speedring


Chimera Polycarbonate Strobe Speed Rings offer a great budget-friendly option for mounting lightbanks to your studio strobe. With a matte black polycarbonate outer frame, these speed rings have four pole sockets to support Chimera’s rectangular lightbanks. The outer frame smoothly rotates 360 degrees independent of the light-specific metal insert, giving you many options for lightbank placement.



Durable black polycarbonate outer housing

Lightbank mount rotates for specific lightbank placement

Durable metal insert for specific strobe systems

Five-year warranty against defects


Polycarbonate Speed Ring to fit Hensel Integra

Insert Adjustment Hex Tool

Supported Lightbanks

Super Pro X

Super Pro X Strip

Super Pro Shallow

Pro II

Pro II Strip

Standard Lantern

Pancake Lantern

Video Pro Plus*

*Requires 1/2 inch longer poles for proper fit.”

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 in