Adox CMS 20 II


Ultra-High-Resolution Black & White Film.

No other film is sharper, no other film has finer grain, no other film resolves more lines per mm (up to 800 l /mm).


It is recommended to use Adotech developer: The sharpest, most fine grained and highest resolving image recording system in the world. Perfectly matched for each other: ADOX CMS 20 II film plus ADOTECH developer. This film cannot be developed in regular developers!*

*This film can be developed in other developers of course, but results will vary greatly.*

If used in pictorial photography the film achieves 20 ASA of usable speed in ADOTECH developer. If used for high contrast purposes the usable speed increases to 80 ASA. If developed in non dedicated low contrast developers (HC 110, cafenol etc) it can be exposed at 3-6 ASA. However we do not recommend using a different developer and we cannot guarantee for the results. The film developer combination CMS 20 plus ADOTECH has been brought to perfection in years of research.

Reciprocity failure factors:

  • Between 1/1000 und 1/10 s the film can be exposed at regular speed
  • At 1 second add + 1/2 Stop
  • At 1/1000 seconds add + 1/2 Stop

More info, tech sheet, and shooting tips on Adox’s website:

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