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Thanks for participating in this survey! We are making some changes to our newsletter and appreciate your input. It will help us create the most interesting and informative newsletters we can so when they come to your inbox, you find something that inspires you.

It should only take a few minutes to complete. Everyone who fills in the survey and includes their e-mail address will be entered in a draw for some great prizes including rental gift certificates and Beau swag! Your e-mail information will be kept separate from your responses so feel free to give us your honest opinions.

    - How often do you open the newsletter in your inbox and read all or part of it?

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    - Do you read our blog posts?

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    - If you don't read the newsletter, briefly tell us why not.

    - How do you get most of your information about the events, new products and reviews we write about?

    - If you see a product or story on instagram that you are interested in do you navigate to the link in bio to our website for more information?

    - What are your areas of interest? Check all that apply...

    - What is one thing about the newsletter you would change?

    - What is one thing about the newsletter you would keep the same?

    - Any other comments or feedback...

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