Used Visatec Litepac Kit

This lightweight, compact LITEPAC battery 600 w/s lighting kit is ideal for the photographer on the go. The battery pack weighs only 6 kg, and is smaller than most camera bags. Its sturdy construction and easy to use design make it an ideal lighting kit for the wedding or location photographer. At full power, LITEPAC yields up to 200 flashes in quick-charging mode, or 280 with slow charging. At minimum power, get up to 4,200 flashes per charge.

Kit Includes:
1- Visatec Litepac battery generator,
2- Visatec LP1 Strobe head,
1- head extension cable,
1- rechargeable battery,
1 – carrying case,
1- charger
1- spare battery chamber.

Condition: Very good                          Tag# BK-2070                                 $500.00


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