X-Rite ColorMunki Photo


As a photographer you know perfect colour is essential. ColorMunki Photo is an all-in-one colour control solution that provides complete control over calibrating your cameras, monitors, projectors and printers. Its wizard-driven software provides the perfect balance of automation with a full range of creative controls for photographers looking for more control over colour.  You will be guided through every step (in just minutes), providing a complete range of professional options that allow you to customize and fine tune your workflow and get back to focusing on what you love, knowing that what you’re seeing on your monitor will match your final output. You’ll be amazed at how simple getting professional colour truly is.

It’s powerful, self-guided software makes it fast and easy to build high quality custom monitor, projector and printer profiles, and you can also create custom camera profiles with the included ColorChecker Classic mini target and X-Rite ColorChecker Camera Calibration software. Use either Easy or Advanced profiling modes. Easy mode’s predetermined selections are perfect for photographers who are looking for quick and easy profiling. Choose Advanced if you want more control over white point, contrast, brightness or ambient measurements. Advanced mode also offers the ability to optimize your display luminance based on ambient light or any value you specify.

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