Lensbaby Creative Aperture Kit 2 – Clearance


The Lensbaby Creative Aperture Kit 2 is a set of 9 aperture disks that gives you creative control over the shape of the spherical highlights in your Lensbaby photos. The kit includes one of each of the following: birds, diamonds, drip splat, heart, slots, star, swirly, sunburst and whirlpool. The Creative Aperture Kit 2 is compatible with the Lensbaby Double Glass, Single Glass, Plastic and Soft Focus Optics. By using these disks, points of light in out-of-focus areas of the photo take on the same shape as the center opening of the aperture disk. For instance, with the star aperture, points of light behind the subject appear as glowing stars.

This set is JUST the aperature disks, lens not included.

Getting the most out of your Creative Aperture Kit from the Lensbaby blog: https://lensbaby.com/creative-apertures/

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