LEE Filters – Lee100 105mm Polariser Ring


This is the mounting ring that connects to the outside of the Lee 100 Holder, enabling a 105mm screw on filters to attach. An ideal accessory when using a 105mm Circular Polariser with your drop in Neutral Density filters.

The 105mm polariser ring will be compatible with most 105mm screw-in polarisers but it has been designed to work at its best with the ultra slim LEE Landscape version. This filter is technically as slim as possible to maximize the benefits of the clip-on system.



Using an existing 105mm LEE Filter polariser with the new LEE100 filter holder is easy, simply screw the filter into the new 105mm clip–on polariser ring and leave it in place. It is now fully compatible with the new system and will securely clip on and off when required.

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