Kenko REALPRO Protector Filter


Keno REALPRO Professional antistatic coated protective filters feature a lightweight, one-piece, low-profile aluminum frame to hold the glass that eliminates vignetting when used on ultra-wide-angle lenses. Kenko Anti-Reflection Multi Coating technology gives you maximum light transmission, and protection from flares and ghosting caused by parasite reflections.


– Ultra Clear High Transmission
– Multi coated glass with ASC Anti-stain coating
– Black aluminum frame
– Slim frame with stackable ring

Available sizes – SKU

49mm – AFKE2249/77
52mm – AFKE2252/77
58mm – AFKE2258/77
62mm – AFKE2262/77
67mm – AFKE2267/77
72mm – AFKE2272/77
77mm – AFKE2277/77
82mm – AFKE2282/77