B+W Circular Polarizer MRC Nano XSR Filter


A circular polarizer helps to reduce reflections and glare by filtering out light that has become polarized. The polarizing filter can create effects such as darkening blue skies and focusing the edges of clouds. The filter will also reduce reflections on water and glass.

This filter is designed for wide angle and zoom lenses due to the low profile of the brass matte black ring. The ring has a front thread for additional accessories such as lens caps or hoods.

This filter incorporates the MRC (multi resistant coating) by B+W, an effective multiple layer coating which is harder than glass so it protects filters from scratches, and it is also water and dirt repellent. The coatings help keep the filter clean from smudges, reducing the need to clean as often as un-coated filters. The XSP coating is an added outer 8th layer protection over the MRC coating, This layer creates a beading effect with liquid, allowing water to simply drip off.

This filter has a filter factor between 2.4 and 2.9 (approximately 1-1.8 stops of light loss)



Available sizes – SKU
82mm -BW8200PCS
77mm – BW7700PCS
72mm – BW7200PCS
69mm – BW6900PCS
62mm – BW6200PCS
58mm – BW5800PCS
52mm – BW5200PCS
49mm – BW4900PCS


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