B+W 106 ND Filter 1.8 – 64x – 6 stops


A neutral destiny filter is used in creative long exposure photography. The filter enables you to achieve desired exposure by reducing the amount of light entering the lens.

B+W Neutral Density filters are vacuum coated with one layer of anti- reflection coating, which helps to prevent internal ghosting and reflections. The ND 1.8 106 filter is a factor 64x, reducing your exposure by 6 stops. The ring is made from brass that is matte black to prevent reflections. The ring has a front thread for additional accessories such as lens caps, hoods and filters.


Available sizes – SKU
82mm -BW820106
77mm – BW770106
72mm – BW720106
69mm – BW690106
62mm – BW620106
58mm – BW580106
52mm – BW520106
49mm – BW490106

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