Fusion Speaker – Istvan (Steve) Pinter

Your Photos Don’t Exist Until You Print Them
A Practical Guide to Better Prints

Presented in a fun, easy to understand way this is the ultimate photographer’s printing primer. Whether you print at home, the drug store or a professional lab the tips you will learn here will make your final results consistently and predictably better. Together we will answer important questions ranging in complexity from: “Why are my prints so dark?” to “What do the terms Rendering Intent and Profile Mismatch mean?” Topics discussed will include: managing expectations – what is and isn’t attainable; understanding the process – all about colour; how to set up your devices for success – calibrate for colour success; printed samples for comparison and discussion – see for yourself with hands on examples.

Istvan (Steve) Pinter has spent his life studying, capturing, crafting and presenting the beauty of light. His journey to becoming a creative retoucher sprang from his early fascination with the nature of film photography and processing, to mastering colour, light and the subtleties of shadows, all while understanding the importance of portraying reality. Real is always better than Photoshop and when a perfectly executed, retouched image invites the viewer to suspend disbelief and see the subject as if it had really been photographed that way, that is beautiful.

Anyone can use Photoshop but it takes understanding to produce reality from the imaginary. After graduating from Langara College’s Photography Program, Steve spent 11 years with Graphex Advertising Production – Vancouver’s premier prepress and digital imaging company. Film is where he started, scanning and proofing; CMYK and prepress; page assembly and typography; one by one he mastered them all but it was all about retouching, that was the whole reason for getting into prepress, that’s where it was done. More recently retouching has found its way into the hands of the photographer and the studio artist. Steve enjoyed over four years with Rethink Communications working closely with Photographers and Art Directors on some of the most memorable advertising including BC Lions and Playland. Before starting Pinter Creative Studio he was partner and senior creative retoucher at Jack Griffin CPS Inc.

Over the past 26 years Steve has executed some of the most award-winning, photo-based print and online advertising in Canada, appearing at: the Marketing Awards, the Extras, the Lotus Awards, Cannes, One Show, D&AD, the Clios, in Graphis, Applied Arts, Communication Arts and Lürzer’s Archive, among others.


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