Fusion Speaker – David Strongman

When you’re the one. Cinema quality digital filmmaking as a single shooter.

David’s lecture walks you through the professional grade filmmaking tools found in your digital camera that enable the single shooter to capture
cinema quality footage. He demonstrates the advantages of being DoP, Director, Camera Operator, Audio Technician and Editor, in situations where
a larger crew is not an option.

David Strongman has been a Vancouver based photographer since 2001, working locally and internationally for editorial, advertising and film clients.
He recently returned from two years in Dubai where his editorial work was published in Harpers Bazaar Arabia, and his portraiture extended to prominent Emerati socialites.

This diverse visual background is the foundation that David uses to create his images. He works extensively in the movie industry photographing both emerging
and veteran talent alongside his editorial and advertising clients where his openness, calm demeanor and professionalism in process and delivery allow David
access to the least and most recognized faces in our society. His strength lies in capturing moments in challenging circumstances.

See his work on his website: www.davidstrongman.com

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