Fusion Speaker – Alli Peck

Maternity Posing & Lighting

Maximize the tools of your trade as you learn to create outstanding images. Instructor Alli Peck will demonstrate maternity posing at its finest. Learn the poses that showcase your clients’ beauty, grace and poise in your maternity sessions.

You will also delve into lighting techniques and learn to use both one light and strip lighting to achieve optimum effects. Alli will be shooting tethered to a laptop allowing the photographer and class to review the images in greater detail and assist in image selection.

This workshop gives you the skills, but also the confidence, to conduct successful maternity shoots with stunning results!

Alli Peck is a world-renowned maternity photographer who travels internationally, teaching students how to light and pose expecting clients to their best advantage. She has over 13 years experience with maternity lighting and posing and has perfected her craft in this area. She’s located in a remote northern British Columbia town and is mother to 4 children. Alli maintains a thriving business as well as traveling for work.  See more of her work at http://www.glowportraitsbyalli.com

Alli is sponsored by Tethertools.

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